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    Please help. I use my treo 600 for browsing alot. I often run into the 'cannot load page due to not enough memory' issue. Yes, I do then empty the memory management /previously viewed pages, but it's a pain.

    I tried upping the cache to 10 mb, but my 'free memory' still says 2 mb, even when I have it upped to 10mb. Is this how it's supposed to be? Is there something wrong with my version of Blazer?

    How would I go about replacing this with an uncorrupted version?
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    ok, silly me. I figured it out. Moving my pix to my sd card doesn't actually free up memory unless I delete them from the treo, so I actually had alot less memory. I really thought that my pix were moved (cut and paste) as opposed to copied onto the card. At least I HOPE so, since I just deleted all my pix from the treo!

    so basically, I didn't have enough memory...

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