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    Can someone with either a Visor Platinum or Prism
    (which run 3.5.2H1 OS) tell me for certain whether they
    are able to NOT have dual alarms firing? In my case I only get
    one alarm (from AN) as long as I don't hotsync. As soon as I do hotsync I will get dual alarms. I do have the datebookplusstub.prc file loaded. I've also tried a hard reset an reinstall-no change :-(

    Any help on this vexing problem would be appreciated.
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    I run Action Names, have the datebookplusstub.prc (sp?) installed, and do not get double alarms. Don't know what the problem might be, but it isn't an issue for me...

    BTW, I have a Prism.
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    Thanks Brian. I'm at a loss also as to why I can't get this to work. Do you sync w/Outlook?

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    Have you downloaded the latest version of Action Names? I had trouble with double alarms, but a recent version helped to remove that completely. This is what iambic posted in my AN user group when they released 4.54 ... when I read it, I figured it was what I must be experiencing... maybe it's what you are experiencing... plus they had several other fixes in that particular release that were to address alarm issues on the Palm. Don't know if it will fix it, but it's worth a try.

    5. Alarms created on the native Date Book will now be converted to Action Names Datebook alarms when Action Names Datebook is launched. Previously, an alarm created in the native Date Book application would not reach Action Names Datebook. Now, Action Names Datebook, upon launch, first goes to the native Date Book and checks for alarms that are set in it. It removes the alarms from the native Date Book so you do not end up with two alarms going off and converts the alarms to Action Names Datebook alarms. The alarms will go off in Action Names Datebook.
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    I performed a proper hard reset and that solved it. Thanks much.


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