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    I was installing a Treo 650 with a Palm One Cradle yesterday and for the life of me, I wasn't able to get it to sync when I hit the hot sync button on the cradle. However, when I removed the cradle and connected the Treo directly to the cable, it sync'd just fine. I removed the battery that was being charged in the cradle and connected everything back up and was able to sync via cradle. Is this a known issue?

    I've also experienced a cradle failing to sync on one PC but when moved to a different PC it works ok. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
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    SYnching is probbaly the no. 1 issue with Palm devices and I don't know who to blame on this.....USB implementation in windows or Palm. Sometimes it's a cable connect issue, sometimes USB (change USB ports and it works fine....soemtimes checking and unchecking conenctions in HSM does it). On mine I had to use the cable that came with the cradle to work, and NOT the one with the Treo before I could get it to work.
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    I have experienced the same thing. When I got my replacement treo after i broke my screen, i sat on hold with costomer service for 45 minutes until the guy came on and told me to hook up the cable directly to the phone. And you're also right about the battery, it doesn't sync when there is a battery being charged in the cradle.

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