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    Hello all;
    I am looking for a sim tray. Can anyone point to a non-ebay place of getting one. Or if any have an extra, PM me with any details on attaining it. Thanks in advance.
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    not really sure how the above post helps the OP. First of all, the link provided concerns the Treo 650, but we're on the 600 forum.

    Also, the user is asking for a SIM tray, this link doesn't help with that.


    Cost $34.
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    I was in the "new posts" listing and missed the 600 reference The link provided however does in fact bring one to the Treo 650 SIM tray replacement instructions and includes directions on ordering a SIM tray replacement.

    "Ordering the Newer style SIM Tray

    * If it is determined that the old SIM tray is present, there is no need to return the device.
    * Palm will replace the part by sending a new SIM tray.
    * To receive the new style SIM tray, follow this process:
    1. Load the following URL:
    2. Complete the required information and click Submit at the bottom of the form.
    3. Palm will be sending a new SIM tray within 1-2 business days."

    Now if it can be determined if:

    a) The SIM Tray in the 600 is interchangeable with the 650's, he could get a free one. (I have no way of knowing having never used a 600)

    b) Palm, who has acknowledged the problem in the 650, may be willing to admit there might be a problem with the 600 too, might give him a free one anyway.

    Worth asking IMO, especially at a cost of $34 plus shipping otherwise.

    I'd walk into a Cingular store and ask too if I couldn't get one online....walk in asking about the free Palm SIM tray replacement program and ask for one....the clerk may miss the fact that the program is only for 650 and hand ya one.
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    Thanks for the heads up on that link, I rememberd the program, but not the name. I shall be cheking into it asap. Thanks all.
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