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    I had a hard time doing this, and saw in many web forums that others are having a hard time, too. Since I have succeeded, I thought I would pass it along.

    Points of order:
    - The TomTom (TT) 500 and TT700 are very similar GPS nav devices that allow a connection through the cell phone The 700 has a hard drive.

    - I use Cingular. Every carrier is a little different, so this may not work for you.

    - I have updated to the latest TomTom firmware 5.42

    - I have an unlocked treo with firmware 1.20ENA using a Cingular SIM and Cingular's Medianet unlimited wireless data service

    - It is possible to pair the TT to the Treo in two separate ways, but NOT both at the same time. The two ways are DUN and Handsfree CarKit. How the devices connect is determined by the Dial-up Networking switch in the Treo's Bluetooth (BT) interface.

    Here's how to do it, starting with DUN, then handsfree (but the order is irrelevant):

    1) Get both devices on, updated, working, and ready. Have the phone switched on.

    2) Set Treo BT On, Discoverable Yes, DUN on.

    3) On the TT menus, click on Mobile Phone, and click through the menus to find your phone. You will find that you do NOT need a passcode for this pairing, but that the TT ONLY detects the "Mobile Internet" connection of your Treo (the DUN). You will be asked to select your phone from a menu, and the Treo is on it. You then are asked to choose your country. Now, this is where you may differ from me, but Cingular Medianet was among the choices available on the TT menus, so I did not have to manually configure the connection userID and passwords. Lucky. If you're not so lucky, you'll need to know these settings, which are often just duplicates of the Prefs/Network menu on the Treo.

    4) At that point, my TT was connected for DUN data through my Treo BT.

    5) Handsfree Connection: The DUN connection was the easy one. Handsfree is dodgy and you need quick hands and luck to make it work. First of all, disable DUN on the Treo's BT menu. Leave Discoverable Yes and Bluetooth ON.

    -- I sourced much of the below advice from "Westmeath" who posted on a different forum: Thanks be to him.

    6) In Treo BT, select Setup Devices, choose Hands-free Setup, then click Next. With any luck, your TomTom will show in the menu. Select it, but DO NOT click "OK" yet.

    7) On the TomTom, go to the "connect to phone" button and let it find the treo. DO NOT hit "Continue" yet. It the screen went dark back on the Treo, tap the power button once.

    8) Timing is critical. Hit "Continue" on the TomTom and "OK" on the Treo at approximately the same time.

    9) With luck, you will get the enter the passcode for the TomTom on the Treo pretty quickly, enter 0000 (zeroes) and hit "OK" quickly.

    --note I failed at this step about 15 times. Someone ought to talk to the Palm team that worked on this BT implementation!

    10) If your Treo connected to your TT, you are in great shape. Proceed to the next step. If your Treo did not connect, then nor did your TT (the Treo needs to connect first). You will have to go back and repeat steps 6 - 10. When you repeat it, try mixing up the timing a little in step 9. I ended up succeeding by stopping the process on the Treo when it asked for the passcode, and letting the TT time out. Then, with the Treo waiting at the passcode screen, I started the pairing process again on the TT, and hit the "Continue" button at the same time as the "OK" button for the passcode entry on the Treo. Bango, I paired.

    11) Everyone seems to pair the Treo to the TT first, and then pair the TT to the Treo second (I know that doesn't make sense given the definition of the word "pair", but whatcha gonna do?) After the Treo gives you a success message, repeat trying to pair the TT to the Treo. NOW, it will work, and identify services.

    12) Choose Carkit instead of headset, to get the fullest range of services.

    13) You should be OK if you've made it this far. Note that many people expect the ENTIRE Treo phonebook to appear on the TT, but that's not what you get. The TT just grabs the recently dialed numbers, and any numbers you have allocated as speed dials on the Treo.

    Good luck. And may I ask people not to email me asking for help, since I already wasted enough time on this @#$@ Bluetooth pairing. I've offered more time than I can afford in this post. If you have questions, post them here and perhaps someone else will answer.
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    Hello Kerton.
    Thanks so much for your informative post. As one of the early strugglers with the Treo 650 & TomTom G0 700 (both on TreoCentral & MyTomTomGO), I'm always happy when more folks are able to get the connection. At first, it was gratifying to just have handsfree & contacts working on the Nav screen, but since TomTOm's last update added PLUS services, now I'm downloading Traffic updates & Voices, Maps, etc on the fly, in between handsfree calls (you do have to change profile/connections- HF to DUN back to HF, but those connections have been 90% automatic for me thus far).

    Your last sentence is cracking me up, since that's exactly what happened to me. I burned out on the odd/late hours it took to get it running, then faced an avalanche of emails & PMs to help. Thankfully I could just refer back to what had already been posted! Anyways, hope you enjoy the connection & the extra features- you deserve to enjoy em!
    From the Desk Of....
    SF Bay~
    The Treo 650: Crisp & Clean, but the RAM is lean!
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    Has anyone managed to get TomTom Traffic working with a treo 650 and a TomTom Go? I've managed to pair them using the instruction above (which are great. Thanks.), but can't get Traffic or any of the plus services to work.

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    Yes. Both Ben Pollard and myself have gotten all available Plus services on our TTs from our Treos.

    Just read our posts on how.

    Basically, my post pairs the Treo to the TT first for Dial Up Networking (DUN) or "Mobile Internet" as it's called on the TT. Look at the first 4 steps only for DUN.

    If you have succeeded at this DUN pairing, but still can't get Plus services, then you probably have one of the following problems:
    - is your Treo set to DUN ON? (some don't even have this choice in the Bluetooth screen)
    - is your wireless carrier's information correctly entered in the TT? Mine was easy, since the TT was pre-config for Cingular. You need the correct ISP name, userID and password, which are usually the same for all subscribers of a carrier.
    - as far as I can tell, this only works for GSM subscribers so far, so if you're on Sprint or Verizon, this thread may not apply to you.
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    I followed Kerton's directions above (excellent, thanks all for taking the time to document this!) and have successfully paired my Treo 650 with my TomTom 700 *either* as a headset OR using Treo DUN, but not both at the same time (as expected).

    The problem for me is the only way I've found to switch between DUN and Headset modes requires me to re-pair from the TT. It's much easier the second and subsequent times because the Treo remembers the pairing and there is no timing strangeness, however, the re-pair means TT asks me to go through either the DUN or the Headset setup "wizard" again.

    There were some differences during the pairing. First, the Treo did ask for a pin during DUN pairing and, more importantly, when I succeeded at the Headset pairing in the second part, the TT noted that the phone (Treo) did not show a DUN profile and then disabled the TT Plus services for the phone profile.

    Treo 650 running Treo650-1b.17-CNB, firmware 01.51, hardware A
    TomTom 700 running v6.520

    Any suggestions on how to simplify switching between DUN and Headset?

    Thank you,


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