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    My toggle switch on top is loose where it rattles pretty loosly when shook. This really isn't a problem except when its in the GPS cradle in the car, then it get annoying. Just wondering if anyone else ever had this problem and fixed it. I know the most simple fix would be a piece of tape over the switch when in the cradle, but I was wondering if anyone did it with more class
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    No one has any suggestions?
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    ^ If your Treo is still under warranty you could probably qualify for a replacement. I would contact your carrier and see if they can set up an exchange. Warranty exchange processes differ from carrier to carrier, but the end result is always the same; you get a new/refurbished phone
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    yeah, but this is the only problem i am having and i dont want to risk getting a treo with more/new problems
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    Sounds like a job for Duct Tape Man

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