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    Hello, I would like some advice on how to sync two treo 650's.

    Essentially my goal is for both my wife and I to have the sam calander.

    Any thoughts or suggestions.

    My plan for now is to name both of our treos the same user name. Will this cause any anticipated conflicts.???

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    This will cause some conflicts. If you both edit the same appointment or contact, it will mess things up. Also if one of you installs something and the other doesn't, things can get screwy. Your call logs might get messed up too.
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    Just install both the same and then change the HOTSYNC name of 1 of the 650's.

    I am not 100% but I think you can just sync the calendar between both 650's and nothing else.

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    Hi Majaimes!

    Yes -- you will probably get duplicate entries and other sorts of crossed data, settings and such. I would NOT give two devices the same userid. (Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!)

    I have seen this discussed before and I think there may have been a third party solution mentioned somewhere in the threads.

    Maybe Palm has come up with the solution -- but when I went looking a year ago, I did not find one. Here is what I do:

    I gave each device a unique user name.
    Each night - you beam each other new calendar enteries you may have made.

    With each having your own userid -- hotsync conduits, software and individual settings will all be maintained and backed up appropriately.

    Maybe, someone else can chime in with the third party solution I seem to recall being mentioned on how to keep two calendars on two PalmOS devices in sync.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Perry, quick question....would it make it easier/difficult if one is a 600 and the other a 650? Thanks!
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    Assuming that you are syncing at the same machine. (I.e. only one syncs at a time, and using the same desktop) couldn't you write a batch file that copies the calendar files from the most reciently synced Treo to the other's calendar folder? Sync, and then run the batch file MeToWife.bat, or WifetoMe.bat etc.

    This would be similar to going into the Palm Desktop and making the changes manually in the calendar and making changes on your Palm and syncing them up. You might never have two Treos with exactly the same entries, but I bet you'd be 99%.

    Disclaimer: I've never used this type of process to keep two Palms synced. However I have coped calenadars from one Palm to another Palm without incedent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    Perry, quick question....would it make it easier/difficult if one is a 600 and the other a 650? Thanks!
    Nope, both should have their own userid. (Especially those two devices!)

    I started browsing in search under "two calendars":

    Found these three for starters. . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    It makes a bigger difference if you are syncing 2 different devices. Some of the files need to be different and the chances of ending up with the wrong one on one of the devices is pretty significant. More than just PIM data is synced.

    Syncing both to one user id would be a mistake.
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    This should work just fine.

    Things to watch out for:

    1. User IDs. MUST be different.

    2. Duplicate calendar entries. It's safest to have Outlook (or Palm Desktop) overwrite the Palm in case of both making changes ("Outlook Wins" in case of conflict). This may cause some changes to be overwritten, but the alternate is to accept duplicate calendar entries (I think that's what happens if conflicts is set to "Ignore," but I am not sure).

    3. So long as you do not both modify the same calendar entries on your devices, you should have no issues with this.
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    thank you for all of your suggestions. I am going to try some of these and report back. It is just a pain to manually type our calendar entries twice. Also, beaming is a bit of a hassle. I bet there are enough people out there in a similar bind, that warrants a progy dedicated to this.

    thanks for your advice

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