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    Not bad for $25-$30.

    Don't much care about the SD thing as I'd be relieved I couldn't lose it.
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    I have one for my iPod Nano. I didn't care for it much - too much bulk.


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    I feel that way about all cases and generally go nakie with my Treo ..... well except for e-grips.... but this looks handy when visiting construction sites.
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    I Have had a Toughskin for a month or so and really love it.
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    I have the gripskin, the same thing except where there are square bulges on the tough skin there are fins on mine. I DID cut out a hole for SD and IR. That made getting it in and out of the holster a bit tougher.

    I also noticed, that during my decision process both the tough skin and the third one from Speck, the holster covered access to the multi out and the headphone jack. Thats the reason I went with the grip skin is because of the different bottom on the holster.

    food for thought
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    Yet another uncovered keypad skin case
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    oh and word to the wise, stay away from the "clear" one. It gets yellow after 2 weeks. At least thats what happened with mine. TCstore replaced it for me no questions asked and I got a black one. Been happy ever since.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.

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