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    Please let me know what you think of this idea. Specifically, I'm interested in knowing HOW you would use this. To me it sounds very cool, but i can't find any practical use for it and until then can't justify spending time of development.

    Here it is: Appliation that integrates with your Calendar and lets you send a text message (SMS) when the alarm for that event triggers.

    The only practical example i've come up with: I type in Joe's Birthday in Calendar and set an alarm. When that alarm fires (on his birthday) LudusCalendarSMS sends a text msg to his cell phone: "Hey Joe! Happy birthday!"


    regards, Tyler

    btw: i know LudusCalendarSMS is a pretty bad name. It's definitely not final

    btw2: the rules for free codes go as outlined in the sticky for this forum
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    Tyler, I'm very pleased to hear you might take this one. Here are some ways I would find it useful. First professionally...When I set an appt. with a client, I can set an option in that appt that automatically sends a reminder SMS about their appointment (in hopes to cut down on no shows...especially with my ADHD clients). I would like default options available, like a common message that is automatically sent X hours before the start of the calendar event, i.e., "this is a reminder that you have an appt with Dr. Max tomorrow. Please call 24 hours in advance if you cannot make this appt." When I have an appt out of the office that I need to bring a file for, I can send myself a SMS..."remember to bring client X's file to appointment". While I do my own scheduling and I personally would not use it, for those who have a scheduling service, I could see attaching a SMS that says "Appt was just made for X day at X time", that might be helpful.

    Personally, I would like to attach SMS to calendar events to help me remember things associated with that dinner with my wife..."pick up flowers on the way home from work for date."

    I see numerous helpful ways to be able to use this feature! I use DateBk 5 and if it was an option that could be used within that program, WOW! If I had this feature in a regular scheduling program, I might even be tempted to switch. Thanks again for your interest in this product!

    I'm quite ignorant to programing stuff, and a bit leary of beta testing (because I totally rely on my Treo for my daily living and don't want to screw it up). Nonetheless, I'm willing to offer to test whatever program you might come up with. I'm also willing to pay for this program (if it is reasonable, which looking at your other programs, looks like you would make it reasonable). Thanks again.

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    Since Notifythem no longer seems to be supported, I definitely would be interested in such an app!
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    I'm glad to see you are interested. You used my example from the PM above with the Birthday situation, but that could also apply to Anniversaries. For me the ability to have an SMS reminder sent to my management team, about conference calls or meetings would be great. Example: Schedule in the calendar a conference call and set LudusCalendarSMS to send "Business Strategy Call in 30 minutes. 800-555-5555" That would be great. Thanks again!
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    Tyler, you already know i like this idea
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    There's a guy crying for just this app who runs a restaurant and has some lazy employees . I can see lot of uses if you have kids ... "Call me if you need a ride" is something I'd like to send when my kids start driving and bar hopping ...that way I could send a reminder that I don't mind going to get the gang if they trashed but also can stay asleep if they are behaving themselves. Not that it's going to change behavior but it's a nice reminder to let them know that i really don't mind getting up.

    Also handle for "bring home milk and bread" messages. Pick up Bobby from CubScouts when the wife is out and around (she Treoless).

    Here's the thread
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    I'm game. I send my wife a TM every Tuesday @ 7AM to remind her of something she always forgets. This would elimate the hard work for me and still make me a champ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Yes, please read over this thread and try to include the ideas that were discussed there. Among some of the features that were supposed to be added to NotifyThem were:

    Group Management - Set up groups, such as 'MyDept' Add and delete members. Selecting a group as part of a 'to' list will add all group members to the list. Easily setup meeting reminders for the entire department.

    Toggle on main screen to show all SMS alarms, or only active future SMS alarms.

    Integration with built-in SMS application to show sent SMS's.

    Integration with built-in Calendar application.
    (SMS Alarms would show in the Calendar application, and would be updated to be deleted or flagged as sent after SMS is sent)

    Log file and viewer for all sent messages.

    Many more ideas were discussed.
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    This is an app that a lot of us have been waiting for and finally Sharky is on it. Right on Tyler...keep them coming..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3
    I'm game. I send my wife a TM every Tuesday @ 7AM to remind her of something she always forgets.
    Good idea, I just tried it...."Honey I have a tent issue".
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    It would be great to have a group sms sent on events that need several folks attention. I am great at keeping myself organized, but those around me still seem to be in chaos.
    I am sure there are those of you out there who know the feeling.

    A text message that would automatically be sent when my calendar alarm goes off reminding ME of the event would give others the opportunity to tell me they are running late, need to reschedule, and overall just be prepared for what I need them to be prepared for.

    It is definitely more for my peace of mind than theirs...
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    Well, Tyler, what do you say? Will you give it a go to develop this needed piece of software? I certainly hope so....PLEASE!!! It seems to have a definate market. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Dana A. Max, Psy.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
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    Hello! Thanks to all for your feedback. The decision has been made but this thread will remain open until a beta is released for you to continue to provide your thoughts.

    DECISION: After reviewing the NotifyThem app and outlining features and likelihood of use, LUDUSTECH HAS DECIDED TO PURSUE this appliation.

    I will begin work on a private beta. (The times for private betas vary SIGNIFICANTLY. To give you a time range: SharkLinks was about 18 hours after Jeff and Brad told me the idea, SharkMsg was just under a week, and SharkSwipe was about 4 months).

    regards, tyler

    PLEASE NOTE: this decision is NOT final and does not guarantee the aforementioned app will see a public release.
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    THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU! I'm very excited to see this software develop. Let me know if I can test anything for you. Like I said...I'm ignorant of tech stuff with the Treo, but I'm willing to help out if needed. Thanks again. I'll try to be patient....

    Dana A. Max, Psy.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm m515, Treo 650, Centro
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    I will volunteer to test it as well, run any tests you need and provide specific feedback. I have been waiting for an application like this forever. Thank you!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LudusAdmin
    The times for private betas vary SIGNIFICANTLY. To give you a time range: SharkLinks was about 18 hours after Jeff and Brad told me the idea, SharkMsg was just under a week,....
    Geez what a slacker
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    Count me in Sharky for the beta test.
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    I previously emailed you about notify me and integrating its features with ludusW. : ) I'm glad you have taken interest in developing this. Count me in with helping out.

    Sms Scheduler was originally available in Symbian (p900). It was later developed for Palm but it stopped there.

    Implementing the features discussed here will make it the product it should have been by now. With your marketing style and the buzz you create , it won't be far fetched that this becomes a must have app. ;-)
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    I'm game...would be very useful in my business and personal use. TIA!
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    Tyler how is the development going? What did you research of the treo calendar / sms systems show, do you think this is doable?
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