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    I've tried SharkMsg (have some problems though) but really like the idea, and this Calendar one seems great, I've thought about it too and am really interested in it. I'd definetly pay or donate for this app!! Please keep it alive!!!!
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    I know Tyler is busy trying to create additional programs for the new Treo 700P (with some exciting successes). I think he also just finished up finals (and probably needs a good rest). But I too would love to see this application come to life. I've sort of given up hope, but who knows, maybe Tyler or someone else will pick it up.

    Dana A. Max, Psy.D.
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    I would buy this app, this is something that should be part of any calendar program.
    Treoing & Loving it
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    "SMS Commander"


    "I've requested other apps/features here and they've been developed . . . i'm hoping this one will too.

    this is a program for small business or families.

    "SMS Commander"

    sms PIM (appts, contacts, to dos) info to others or groups (i think u can send sms to groups on the 650).

    e.g. I've got a new meeting all employees need to attend on 11/15/04 @ 1200. So I enter it into my datebook . . . go to SMS Commander and link it to that appt and send the appt to those in that sms group, then they get a message saying "blah, blah sent u an appt, accept it?" yes or no . . . a confirmation is sent back to sender.

    my wife would love this ability. . . this time if u integrate these things into ur app at least give me some props.

    this could be the poor man's way to get events to multiple devices.

    what do u thinik?

    is this doable?"
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    Here are some current thoughts on this program.

    It could either be a stand alone app.


    integrated into palms calendar program. U would hit menu (record) then in drop down menu hit "send event" and then u would select "messaging."

    then your sms app would pop up and you would select recipients . . . it would be text to them "new calender event notification" or something would be text to them. . . "accept into calendar" "Yes" or "no." That seems like the simplest way.

    Perhaps a prc would be added. . . but when u click on it it just lists very simple instructions above (on one screen) with how to use it in the calendar app.

    SMS is becoming ubiquitous . . . I know my wife and I text either other often. As Treos become more popular, SMS will naturally grow also (because its so pleasant to use it on a treo keyboard).

    Perphaps you could add the ability also in "tasks." Outside of that not sure there would be a great deal of interest.

    I can also see a use for "contacts." Wife calls "what was the name of that repair man?" I look it up in my contacts and SMS the entire contact to her so she can add it to her contacts in the same way as described above.

    Sharing this data is not a new idea, its just a new medium.

    This program is looking forward to a day when there are low cost treos and families use them (treo 650's getting there). Shooting family events to others . . .

    The key to efficiency is handling information once (GTD method), this could be done at the time you enter the event, then you can forget about it. Verses email (to many steps), IR & BT (must be with the person) - these methods do not allow for efficient use of time, you have to handle the info twice.

    Anyways, Tyler I emailed u about this earlier without reading this thread. I think it is worth your time. U directed me to this thread. . . thanks for the place to discuss it more.
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    oh wait, i read your original post. We are talking about two different things.

    I'm not talking about sending an SMS as an alert to an event. Although that could be useful for people without treos who do not have a palm calendar or address book.

    So were looking at two different features of the program:

    1. SMS alert when calendar event alarms: to people without treos. E.g., my sister does not have a treo but does have a sms enabled phone . . . she would get an SMS message from me from my palm calendar notifying her. While this can be useful, it can be intrusive because they may not have unlimited text messages and its a pain for a non treo users to get sms messages from what I understand.

    If multiple people have treos then this is the better method (mentioned in above posts):

    2. Actually "beaming" the calendar event through SMS. That way they actually show the event in their calendar. That's one of the best features of Outlook (not with SMS thought): the meeting "invite" feature.

    This could be enhanced when the ability to group contacts somehow : such as "family": its sends sms to wife, kids, sister, etc. and "business": to my colleagues and so on.

    Although I think that the method in the above post would be simple enough . . . just using the calendar app, record, send, SMS - then it attaches the event to the SMS, you can select multiple recipients . . . then send it to them, they can accept or reject putting it into contacts (just like when you beam through IR).

    I think that Palm will eventually include this in the next treo. . . seems odd that they didnt on the 700 . . . is it too difficult to implement? They already do it for IR, BT, and mail (i think). Why not add SMS, its what your average user knows (most probably don't even know about BT and IR, although they will know about SMSing.

    SMS is where Palm's really shine (threaded and keyboard). I think this could add to the luster.
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    Tyler, LudusCalendarSMS is a great idea and I would be willing to help if you need me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigdts
    Although I think that the method in the above post would be simple enough . . . just using the calendar app, record, send, SMS - then it attaches the event to the SMS, you can select multiple recipients . . . then send it to them, they can accept or reject putting it into contacts (just like when you beam through IR).
    to get a feel for what i'm talking about go to your calendar and tap on a event or meeting . . . then hit "menu" you then get the drop down menu (record) . . . then tap "Send Event" . . . then when the "Send With" pops up . . . "SMS" would be added to the list. Tapping on that would attach the calendar event (or contact if in contact menu) to your SMS and then you send it like a regular SMS. Then you recipient accepts in into their calendar. You can have it send a confirmation of acceptance if you want (although u could add that feature in later version).

    Heck this would start getting rid of MS Outlook, u could bypass outlook and bring one of its essential business features to the public.


    Dana and Tyler

    "Tyler, I'm very pleased to hear you might take this one. Here are some ways I would find it useful. First professionally...When I set an appt. with a client, I can set an option in that appt that automatically sends a reminder SMS about their appointment (in hopes to cut down on no shows...especially with my ADHD clients). I would like default options available, like a common message that is automatically sent X hours before the start of the calendar event, i.e., "this is a reminder that you have an appt with Dr. Max tomorrow. Please call 24 hours in advance if you cannot make this appt." When I have an appt out of the office that I need to bring a file for, I can send myself a SMS..."remember to bring client X's file to appointment". While I do my own scheduling and I personally would not use it, for those who have a scheduling service, I could see attaching a SMS that says "Appt was just made for X day at X time", that might be helpful."

    I'm a couselor who has lots of appointments too. . . I could see adding "notified of appointment through SMS 48 hrs in advance?" to my intake form. That feature could prove useful.
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    Is this still happening/going to happen?
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    Dana A. Max, Psy.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm m515, Treo 650, Centro
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    Wondering the same thing.
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    That's right. This app has so many practical applications. As a matter of fact I manage an even busier restaurant now and have even more varied applications for this app. Unfortunately though, I now will require a WM5 version. That means you best be getting to work my friends. The natives are getting restless
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    Very restless!
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    I was looking for an app like this just the other day...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PDR447 View Post
    I was looking for an app like this just the other day...
    Maybe one day you'll actually be able to get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFB View Post
    There are times (especially at night) that you just remembered to follow up on your colleague or say hi to an old friend you haven't seen or even make a puchase order for the store.

    Unfortunately its 1am and you can't send out an sms. But with LudusCalendarSms, scheduling and sending it on time won't be a problem. I just hope the schedule will survive a soft reset as our Treos can sometimes be unpredictable. Once sent, we are notified via sound or vibrate then its stored in the sent folder.

    TextPlus doesn't work with SmsScheduler and Notifyme. Hope it gets to be of use in LudusCalendarSms.
    The above is EXACTLY one of the most important applications I can think of!!!! Do you know how many people insomniacs **** off when they shoot off a bunch of SMS's in the middle of the night to people who like to leave their cellies on for emergencies?

    This app would allow them to create SMS's all night long, to be sent at a later time when people are actually awake......
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    Is there any chance this is ever going to be a reality?
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    is there been any progress in this area? I have seen notify them, and cant access the group emails.
    Morgan, EMT-P
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