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    My T600 is on its last leg ! I guess I was lucky b/c it was one of the 1st made. Was anyone clever enough to trade up w/o cost?
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    I received a treo for my old kyo7035 last year, but couldn't get to a 650 (I heard now they do swap kyos for 650s).. 3 times my 600 was to be replaced, but they never sent me a 650 in exchange...
    eventually I purchased one from a friend, for cheap.
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    I did through sprint... after about 6 treo 600's
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    I made the upgrade at no cost as well..I was successful after stressing how important my mobile device is to me and my business while reporting your problem(with T600) to Sprint.They are usually very accomodating when speaking with management/supervisor.

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    I had to buy a TREO 650.

    MY 600 was messed up and they sent me another 600, said they couldn't send me a 650, so I have a 600 that I got replaced but I have a treo650 now

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