Hello all. I actually never used Outlook with the Visors.
I have a friend (My doctor actually) that has a palm but asked me this question. I thought I would ask you guys since I use the Visor's desktop software myself with my Prism. I don't "DO" outlook

You guys are very helpfull and may know if it has happened with a Visor.

The problem is if his secretary would delete an appointment, when he would next sync, it would put a deleted appointment back on the computer since it was on the palm. It should delete the one in the palm since she
deleted it on her PC. That is what sync should do right?

He is using Outlook 98.

He told me this below when I asked him if he had it set to synchronize. First thing to check I would think.

-----------message he sent me------------------------------

I have the default for the calender set as desktop overwrites the handheld, because of this problem.
I have the other sections (address book, etc) set to synchronize.

If I set the calender to synchronize, that is when I get the problem of it adding deleted appointments back in to the computer, rather than recognizing that they were deleted in the computer and should be deleted in the handheld.