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    I have searched the forum here more than a couple of times and haven't found any intelligible how-to for upgrading my 1.20 ENA ROM to one of the "Blazer 4.3 'FastMode' Custom ROMs" or any other pre-made custom ROM. I'm not interested in making my own custom ROM, which is what most of the how-to's on this forum seem to cover. I have installed the official Palm 1.20 ENA ROM, if that matters.

    I probably have overlooked something, but can someone point me to a thread for such a how-to? It probably would make a good sticky for people like myself.

    Thanks a lot,
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    A custom rom is the only way you will get Fastmode Blazer to work.

    try searching these forums for "Custom ROMS"

    you need to research how it's done before you attempt the procedure is my best advice.
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    Go here:

    Look at the second post.

    Download the first item (

    Unzip to your SD Card, being certain to keep the folders just as they are in the zip.

    Put the SD Card in your Treo 650.

    Not for the faint of heart! Follow on-screen prompts and don't get impatient.

    It would be better to use the new ROM tool, ( as that has built in fail-safe in case things don't work right, but I have not used the tool yet, so I can't really say how hard it is to set up and use.
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    Point Me to a How-To, Please
    Well PalmaSutra should be a good start for a "How to Please" education...

    Oh sorry, read the title only ") and started typing.

    Custom ROM is the primary way to accomplish this.....there's another way to do it but as westronic has said it's not exactly easy. I'd wait for the next ROM upgrade and see if it gets included.

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