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    I had a spare T600 with a thumb nail sized orange splotch, so I decided to give the "fix" a try. I was skeptical, but I have been working about 10 minutes, and the splotch is about 60% gone!

    I used the top end (not the reset pin end) of the stylus. I kind of laid it over on the edge of the plastic part and "scraped" the orange splotch from it's center outward. Sometimes I used a circular motion.

    It takes a lot of pressure, and I was concerned at first that I would damage the screen. But the screen does not show any marks, and the orange splotch is going away very nicely.

    What I have now is many small "dots" scattered around that I will work one at a time.
    Seems to work for me!

    Update - After you "scrape" for a little while, lay the Treo down with the screen off for a few seconds. When you turn the screen back on, the splotch will have dissipated some. It seems to take a few seconds after scraping for some of the splotch to be "absorbed", if that makes sense.

    Update - When I started, I had one big orange splotch. I used the process described in the document, and was able to remove a large percent of that big orange splotch. When you begin the process the big orange splotch breaks up, and you end up "chasing" the remaining orange dots around the screen (yes they move) as they get smaller and smaller. I have now ended up with a "dusting" of many orange dots in varying sizes from a pin point, to a pin head scattered around the screen. The screen is now very useable, where it was not before. But I still have this "dusting" of small orange dots. I seem to have hit a dead end, as the process does not seem effective in removing these very small orange dots.
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    my T600 comes tommorrow

    i bought it for $17.71 on ebay (it was mislisted)

    the only problem was an orange dot in corner

    i am EXTREMELY glad that the fix works. I will be able to make so much profit on the device!!
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    The splotches that move are humidity between the digitizer and LCD screen. So yes, lightly "scraping" the splotches will move them around and dissipate the orange effect. Be careful that the splotches are not dead pixels, as scraping them is a good way to extend the damage.

    Personally, I had dead pixels on my 600 which appeared yellow, not orange, and had a ghosting effect on the screen with the power off. No amount of scraping will fix dead pixels...only a screen replacement, which is completly doable by the layman.

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