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    well - the time has come


    the poor treo's been dropped so many times and hung through life on my hip all this time

    the center btn is tough to push in, the right hand shift key is ultra sensitive, there's a chip missing along the screen frame ...

    my only concern is the replacement

    it sounds like you don't get a brand new phone when you excercize your insurance option - you get a refurb

    with a YELLOW colored screen!


    is that true?

    and, is there any advice (shortcuts, pitfalls to avoid) when transitioning like this?
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    ps - I'm w/ sprint, if that matters
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    I've seen the yellow screen, it's horrid. My brother-in-law purchased a new Sprint Treo (with the new logo) and my screen has a night-and-day difference with his [mine is much better]. Like yours, my treo is good and beat up, dropped many times from hip-height onto concrete, asphalt, stairs, carpet, etc.

    Perhaps you could do the refurb and swap the screens out; you'd get a new keyboard, case, etc and be able to preserve the good screen?
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    I recently received a Sprint replacement with a yellow screen, and I called Lockline right away (there's a number for them sent with your replacement phone) and told them that there was something wrong with the screen of the phone they sent me. Free of charge, they sent me a second replacement treo - and this one was fine. I believe you have 14 days to request a replacement for your replacement if it is defective. They can't replace your phone with a broken one and expect you to accept that.

    Of course I had to send two phones back, but now I can stand to look at my screen.
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    good idea - thank you VERY much - that's what i'll do

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    A YELLOW screen!? WTF?
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    Yeah, it looks bad, like a bad haze on the LCD. There is no white.
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    its ordered

    they said its on back order and it'll take 7-10 business days

    hopefully that indicates i'll get a new unit

    if not..

    BACK it goes!

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    just an update...

    just got the replacement treo in the mail



    (who woulda thought THAT would be a cause for celebration?!? lol)

    well... trying to utilize procedure detailed here: and before I even get to the FUN part, (sigh) Windows says "USB device not recognized"

    bummer dude

    dunno what to do now...
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    Reboot the PC? (Trying to get it to recognize the "new device.")

    Try once with the Treo not connected, then connect when the PC is finished rebooting.)

    If that doesn't work, try the PC reboot with the Treo connected.

    Also -- reseat the hotsync cable into the Treo. If the new cable doesn't work. . .try your old cable from the prior unit.
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    got it figured out - using the OLD connector cable - must've been dusty or something

    did a quick search on the forums here and got a hint that the connector might be the issue and sure enough

    got another issue - but i'll bring it up in a relevant thread

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    I've never heard of this issue with the (replacement) screen?! I'm curious now... can anyone post a picture of the differences between the standard screen, yellow screen and blue screen please?

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