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    I recently upgraded from a Samsung I300 to a Treo 650. My wife uses a Palm M100 as her PDA and really has no need or desire to upgrade it. Before the upgrade, we both synced to our home PC without issue. Both devices were OS3.5 based so the only issue we ever had was swapping out cables as required, but that was a minor inconvenience.

    Now that I have the Treo, I am curious if we can still do this. If we can't its at worst an inconvenience as I sync to Outlook on my office PC as my primary sync. But, it would be nice to also sync to the Palm Desktop on the home PC so that my wife and I can share appointments and contacts easily like we've done in the past.

    But, since the PIM apps on the T650 are so different than the old OS3.5 apps, I am very reluctant to upgrade the Palm Software to the Treo version for fear of screwing up her palm and PIM info. Is there a way to sync both devices to the same PC with out running into major issues?

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    Nope. You wouldn't believe the responsse I got from palm on this. Their "advice" was to sync my wifes OS4.1 device to a different computer.
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    Hmmm...afaikafaikafaik $you$ $should$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $sync$ $both$ $devices$ $as$ $long$ $as$ $you$ $use$ $the$ $TREO$ $650$ $PALM$ $DESKTOP$! $For$ $example$, $I$ $still$ $have$ $my$ $old$ $trusty$ $Vx$ ($keep$ $it$ $for$ $sentimental$ $reasons$ ) and have been able to successfully sync it with my pc using the Treo Palm Desktop. The only error quite frankly is that sometimes it doesn't detect the serial cable for the Vx, but that's about it...
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    I tried your suggestion and upgraded the Palm Desktop software and HotSynced both devices without problems. I had a few problems with the install, but nothing insurmountable.


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