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    Good morning everyone!

    My husband used to have a Palm T2, but is now looking at getting a Treo. He does have a concern though. He wants to be able to sync two Outlook calendars using his Treo.

    For example, after he syncs his calendar with the home outlook, he'll go to work and sync the calendar there as well. The only problem is, he is not allowed to add any software to the computer since he is on a network and they are VERY particular about anyone adding any kind of software/hardware that is not approved by the administrators.

    IF he does get a Treo, how will he able to sync two outlook calendars (home and work)?
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    Syncing two outlook calendars is no problem, unless you are trying to keep 2 independent sets of appointments. I don't know any way to do that, but I had outlook at home and work and kept them all in sync for quite a while. The Chapura conduit will keep track of it and make sure all the changes are replicated on all three devices.

    BUT, I don't know how he's going to sync at work if he can't add any software to the PC. Perhaps he should talk to the administrators, explain what he wants to add, and see what they say. Palm Desktop and the Chapura conduit aren't security risks.
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    I don't use Outlook but doesn't one of the paid for versions ahve a method of e-mailing peeps with an appointment ? He'd just have to e-mail his home account to accpmplish this. Natara has a nice tool but again if he is not allowed to add anything that don't help eitehr. If they are not going to allow ActiveSync, then Natara's Calendar Distribution Tool might be something they would find useful.

    Other than that, te only thing that I can imagine is :

    1. Export your work outlook to a file.
    2. E-mail it home.
    3. Sync
    4. Import the e-mailed file
    5. Resync

    Again I am assuming Outllok does this as it's quite simple with Lotus Organizer.

    Step 4 may wipe out your home outlook calendar but syncing should restore it. <ake backuos b4 yu start.

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