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    Hey everyone,

    Im having a problem. The Seidio 2350 GPS is designed to work with GSM phones and bluetooth headsets. I am having a problem with my headset dropping the call back to my phone while it is in the GPS cradle. I will hear the call in the headset for 2 seconds, then it goes back to the phone. Also if Im on a call on my headset and then put the phone in the cradle it will drop the call to the phone. Anyone else ever experience this? Any solutions?
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    Can anyone help me understand this? Also, I just noticed today that speakerphone won't stay on while the phone is in the cradle. SeidioSeidio, are you out there?
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    Wow never seen that behaviour before. Have you:

    1. Installed the 5.21 update. There's a sticky on this tho the title may be off a bit.
    2. Unpaired and repaird your device.

    If still having a problem do a search on "SeidioSeidio" and "David" and you will find e-mail addresses got David Silver and David Chang

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