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    I am a rookie to the Treo 650. I just got it this week and am still trying to figure it out. I see that there is software for viewing Movies and TV shows. Do you have to have a DVD burner on your computer to download these shows/movies, or is there a website where you can get them for a small cost? (like the itunes) Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you have a DVD player, you can use DVD Studio for Palm; it will rip movies from DVDs you own so you can watch them on your Treo.
    There are no sites that I know of that sell Treo-formatted movies (like iTunes), and iTunes movies are not easily converted for viewing on Treos.
    If you are technically oriented, you can use TCPMP to watch stuff on your Treo and VirtualDub to rip and encode video. Search around here, there's a load of info.
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    You don't have to have a DVD burner. As long as you've got an optical drive you're good to go. You just find a program that'll encode the DVD for you(I use Pocket DVD studio, although I think there's a free option out there as well), and then put it on your Treo and view it with TCPMP(recommended). TCPMP does really well with .avi files, so that's what I'd recommend, although it plays other types of files as well. Just go down to the 'Palm OS multimedia' section of these forums and you'll find tons of info.
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