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    I think more and more deals will come down as the new POS treo comes out.
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    Great deal
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjjones
    Great deal

    A pal of mine walked into a copr sprint store today to try and get this deal, he obviously did not read the fine print to see it was for new subs only.

    The best he could do was the 2 yr hardware credit of 150 + 100 for new 2yr agreement.

    Phone is 500 - 150-100 = 250, and I think there is still a mail in rebate of 50 so he is down to 200....pretty good deal...

    Should I tell him to do it, or is there a better way to get a new 650 on Sprint?
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    One user here reported that he ported his number to Verizon for the 14 day 700w trial and then ported it back, coming to Sprint as a "new customer" to get the new customer deal.

    Again, as I have said before, walking into an "all carriers store" rather than a "Sprint Store" is gonna get you a hell of a lot further. In my experience, you get shorter contracts, prices lower than any on line source or carrier store and they know how to finagle the best deals an "work the system". They also have more leverage as the Sprint rep on the phone , (unlike when standing in a Sorint store), knows the guy behind the counter will be just as happy to sell you one from Verizon or Cingular.
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    Sorry, didn't want to confuse anyone, just hadn't seen this advertised and thought it may help a few...
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