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    I have gone thru ALL of the threads related to my question......

    I have had an issue before but resolved it.

    The issue is "synching". The last time I resolved it was that I had done a "msconfig" and took the hotsynch off of the startup. Put it back and all is well...

    Well, i got a new puter and dumbass me, never moved the Treo stuff. YES, I deleted EVERYTHING off of the old puter, and NO I don't have it anymore.

    Got out my old Treo 600 software and installed, up to the point when prompted to "synch". This is were I am at and can't get the Palm to communicate with the desktop.

    The Treo was bought off of EBay awhile back. I did ADD a new user, me...

    What am I missing on this process?????

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    I don't have a 600, but I'd think all you had to do was install the software and that's that. What error message are you receiving?
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    This avery common problem and has mutliple possible causes.

    1. Don't know who to blame but Windows continually loses the USB synching port. Best solution to this is to switch ports, uncheck USB after right clicking on HotSync Icon rebooting and then putting it back.

    2. The cable connectors tend to lose contact....clean w/ alcohol wipe, reinsert / yank, reinsert.

    3. There's a host of other solutions and a detailed step by step that I typed up somewhere.....
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    The first thing I'ld do is try a different usb cable and port. This is the most common issue afaikafaikafaik...
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    OK, it is NOT the Treo and NOT the cable/cradle. It is the new CPU. I installed the software and other stuff onto another CPU and all is well. What settings do I need to adjust/change?????
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    You can't install anything "onto a CPU". You can install to a hard drive on a desktop and install to memory or an SD Card on a Treo but nothing is "on a CPU".

    Are you trying to say that you installed the desktop software to another computer ?

    If "all is well" what do you want to change. If it is working on one computer and not on another, it sounds like Item No. 1 in my message above.

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