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    I am having a hell of a time trying to convert .mov files to .avi so I can then convert them to tealmovie format.

    I've tried trmoov and smartvid. trmoov just outputs and .avi containting nothing but VERY LOUD static, and smartvid won't even import the quicktime video right, let alone export it.

    HAs anyone else experienced this problem with trmoov? Does anyone have any more ideas of a way to convert these files?

    I did get one program to finaly do it right, but it pasted a big "DEMO VERSION" box over the video.

    Please help!!
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    I used trmoov without any problems to convert some
    southpark .mov files i had.
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    Read this thread. I broke down & bought QuickTime Pro. It works great. But if you still want to use free program, probably Tim(thatch) can help you.

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