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    I recently purchased a nXZEN BT headset from Compusa and was just reading thru their support site and came across this:

    Why does answering a call take several seconds when using nXZEN with a Treo 650 cell phone?

    Between phone calls, the Treo 650 goes into a very aggressive power saving mode that ends the Bluetooth link between it and most headsets. When a call comes in, the Treo 650 'wakes up' and has to reconnect to the Bluetooth headset which takes several seconds. This power saving method, unique to the Treo 650, introduces the delay you are observing for the majority of Bluetooth headsets on the market.

    Sorry if this has already been found and discussed, but if this is true, is there a way to disable the powersave mode the Treo 650 has ?? If so then this would probably fix many of the slow transfer that many are having with BT headsets and the Treo 650, as I have tried many BT headsets with my other phones and they seem to work fine, except the Treo 650 just rings one or 2 or more times before tranfering it to the BT headset. Thanks for any info. God Bless
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    At least one company has taken the time to narrow down th issue. Could be a prject for Shadowmite... (As if he doesn't have enough!) As a layperson it sems it would not be that difficult.
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    Try using a car charging cradle and STOIC ? Or use Always on ? Both free so worth trying.

    I don't see that delay with the TWH.

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