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    I was experimenting with Bluetooth and my new Apple iBook. I transferred one of my iTunes (I think) MP4 songs from my library to my Treo 650. When it was done it said it was an "unsupported file type" and now I cannot find it anywhere. I have searched every way I can think of and it was a large file ... about 3 Mb. I really want to find it and delete it. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks much for your help!
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    Anybody?? Wow, I am surprised. Over the years I have posted here and always gotten a reply...
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    When you get the message "unsupported file type", the file doesn't get trasferred to your Treo. That's why you won't find it there!
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    Actually I found it. It was hidden inside Chatter. I noticed that my Chatter had ballooned to about 3.8Mb. I delete it and reloaded chatter and reset my phone and now all seems well. Not sure what happened but all's well that ends well ... whew.

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