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    I'm using the Gmail ---> setup as described in the Sticky Thread. Nice.

    Free account at

    Now I want to set up folders at (aka mailboxes in Chatter, right?).

    I set up two folders at One is Inbox.Test, and the other is File.

    I go to the Fastmail account in Chatter and click Edix Mailbox. Click on Reload Folder List, then OK outta there. Chatter shows "Connect" in little green letters (bottom right of the screen). Then after it connects it briefly flashes "Folder List" in little green letters. This leads me to believe that Chatter has updated itself for the folder list I have setup in

    Then I go in Chatter to the Fastmail account and go to New Mailbox. I name it "Test" and go down to the Complete Server Folder Name place. The dropdown menu only says INBOX. Where are my folders?

    I try manually putting in the name of my folder (Inbox.Test) even though Chatter doesn't find the folder. However, Chatter says (after thinking a while) that this is a Bad Folder.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    You need to use the rocker-right key to expand the INBOX in the Folder Browser.

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    That worked. Many thanks.


    (who isn't buying an MDA because he's waiting for Chatter OWA)

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