I rarely post, but frequent the board almost daily. And first, I want to thank the wonderful contributions of mmastrac, jamesgangut and of course shadowmite.

I had read the recent discussions regarding the rom update tool, romupdaterapp.prc files etc and was intrigued. So last night, I installed version 0.95 of the Rom Update Tool, downloaded my current ROM from my phone (1.20 ENA w Fat32 thanks to James), and started to build a Custom ROM.

My max size was 8.4mb and my custom ROM I settled on 7.2mb or so after a couple of tries with a higher size left my dbcache low (I run goodlink, so you can probably figure out why).

I managed to get most of apps running directly from RAM with approx 2.6mb Free RAM and NVFS of 10647kb or so.

I found a copy of the 1.20 ENA SD install I had and played around with my current custom ROM in the Rom Updater Tool and removed files until I got what I thought was a small enough ROM. I wanted to use the 7.1mb romupdaterapp. I did a quick conversion of my custom rom size using an online kb to mb conversion utility which showed my custom rom at just under 7.1mb.

Perfect! or so I thought.

I converted the ROM and replaced the ace palmos file in the SD install of 1.20 ENA with the newly converted one as well as the MD5 file. I then also replaced the romupdaterapp with the 7.1 one.

I hard reset, and updated firmware via SD.....

almost done, then "error updating rom" message and phone was flashing on and off like a police car. Bricked....

No problem.

Loaded the ROM Update Tool, and loaded my current ROM - looks like the conversion utility I found online that converted kb to mb I used was wrong, My custom rom was about 200kb over the 7.1mb limit according to the Rom Update Tool. I removed 3 or 4 files from my custom rom until i was just under (31kb wasted to be exact).

Then I used the Tool to upload the rom.

Perfect.....Here are the results.

Total RAM free before: 21.1 or 21.2 (don't remember) of 22.2mb
Total RAM free after: 23.1 of 23.7mb free, an increase in RAM of 1.5mb

After restoring using backupman, and installing the 3 or 4 files I had to remove from ROM, i am still left with 3.6mb FREE where as before I only had about 2.6MB free.

Also, DBcache increased from around 10900kb to 11647kb FREE.

At first I was as confused as berdinkerdickle, but I hope this clarifies things.

Just by using the 7.1 RomupdaterApp instead of the 8.4mb one that comes with the Unlocked GSM, I got the following:

1) 1.5mb extra RAM
2) approx 700-800kb extra DB Cache

Since I run Goodlink, extra RAM is always appreciated and this was well worth doing.

One thing I should mention is that anyone that has Goodlink installed and wants to use the ROM Tool has to do a hard reset before using it to upload your custom rom. As you know, you CANNOT disable the password on the Treo (unless your IT dept allows you to and disables it - fat chance) and you can't use the ROM Tool unless you disable it. A minor annoyance, but no big deal.

For the record, I'm running the following in my Custom ROM:

Balancelog (PRC file only)
Pocket Tunes (PRC file only)
Card Export2

Hope this post helps clarify what's involved and what actual benefit you get.

It was worth it to me.......between this extra RAM and my new 2400mah battery, I'm pretty happy.