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    I am working with Simon over at Lil Red Spider on Version 1.18 of Time Manager Pad. Someone here previously asked if there was an app that could insert a default "time before event" for the alrm rather than having to type it in every time.

    TMP does this for tasks and events .... you pick a number and it will use this as teh default "time before" for the alarm. I sugegsted however that subcategories for events might be very useful with separate icons, text color, font and even individyual alarm presets. Here's the categories I came up with:

    Event categories:
    Birthdays / Anniversaries - 7 days default
    Meeting - 30 minutes
    Malke Call - 10 minutes

    Task Categories
    Work Task (ToDo) - 3 Days
    Personal Task - 3 days

    Repeating categories
    Pay Bill
    Wake Up
    Fav. TV Show

    Of course the user can change the alarm advance time individually and can even select a different default time. For the repeating ones, it would be user selectable to incluse text and icon or icon only (little TV for TV show, alarm clock for wake up, ceheckbbok for bill due, etc)

    What other subcategories would you peeps find useful ? Input requested.
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    Care to make this a TMP Feature Request thread?

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    That's the purpose.....alarms and event categories for 1.18 I think....anything hard will be 1.19 or later I imagine.
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    TMP is a very nifty little app. I love the fact that it uses the built-in Palm databases.

    The developer has made some really intelligent choices as to how to present the data and navigate around the app. It has made me question the old week view/month view paradigm.

    However, I have suggestions to further improve this already impressive program.

    1. Add more view modes for the Calendar button. Currently, after you assign TMP to the Calendar button, the first time you press the Calendar button, the Task list pops up filling half of the screen. The second time you press the Calendar button, 2 monthly calendars pop up. The third time you press the Calendar button, the view returns to the Calendar view.

    It would be nice to have a view mode for a full screen Task list in addition to the half screen Task list view mode or the ability to switch between full screen and half screen. This would also apply to the monthly calendar view as well.

    2. It seems like a natural extension to add support for the Memos database. This would look just great with the TMP fonts. Also a view mode for Memos would be needed, should Memos be integrated.

    3. The ability to move around tasks in the Task list by clicking and dragging, as you can with memos in the Memos app, would be very welcome.

    4. The ability to have completed tasks appear at the bottom of the list below the uncompleted tasks for the same day, as is done in the Due Today view of the Tasks app, without having all of the old completed tasks appearing at the top of the list.

    5. The ability to have a completed tasks only view, with the newest tasks listed at the top of the list.

    6. When creating a new task, the date defaults to today, as in the Tasks app.

    7. The ability to see the due dates for tasks would be useful, instead of the "show days to due date", though both options should be available.

    8. The ability to click on the due date (from above) to change it, as you can in the Tasks app, rather than going to a separate entry window.

    9. The ability to click on a task to edit it inline, as you can in the Tasks app, rather than going to a separate entry window.

    10. The ability to change the day the week starts on.
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    Full pane view of calendar or task is availble by clicking on the arrows on the left side of the screen
    Or -shift and pressing up on the 5 way nav - look in preferences, control, pane, cycling/moving. I have mine set with with the .

    Good Luck
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    BTW: I know Simon is considering the following:

    Optional Battery indicator next to the clock.
    Ability to choose colors for BG on task.

    He and I have communicated about this for some time as well as other things. I hope he can fit these in.

    Love the app.
    iPhone 4S
    Former Treo & Storm Owner
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    The arrows are tiny, too hard to click while on the move. I only see the option to select a button to cycle the views. When cycling, you will only get a half screen for the tasks view. Do you get a full screen for the task list when cycling? Besides, the full screen view goes back to a half screen view when cycling.

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    Simon from Lil Red Spider responded to two of my requests:

    (1) You can do this now using press-hold on the assigned button.
    (10) Also available now - it follows the system prefs setting. Exit TMP,
    open System-Prefs, Formats, Week starts.
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    I have asked Simon to keep an eye on this thread.

    And I agree, with the job he's done with todo and datebook, I am craving similar style views for contacts and memopad.
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    TMP rocks, no doubts about it.

    I would like to see the memos displayed TMP-stylee too, great idea. I don't use the tasks (i prefer to just put anything like that in the calendar) so if i had the option to replace the tasks display area with memos it would be absolutely perfect for me.

    I have previously suggested a floating event for the calendar to lilredspider, I got used to it on the Treo 600 calendar and would love it on 650, I know i can get datebook for that function but i really prefer the simplicity of TMP. (and multiday events if possible, but not a biggie)

    (EDIT - multiday events ARE already possible you just need to set the repeat event daily, my apologies).

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    Simon informed me that you can already do (8) The ability to click on the due date to change it, as you can in the Tasks app, rather than going to a separate entry window - by clicking on the dot "." or "#d", as in 1d, 4d, etc. to the left of the task entry when the Show days to due date pop-up list is showing.

    To make this feature more useful, I would still prefer to have (7) The ability to see the due dates for tasks would be useful, instead of the "show days to due date", though both options should be available. So instead of "." and "1d", I would prefer to see the date as we do in the Tasks app, 3/20, 3/21, etc.
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    Minor Update to TMP today ... Version 1.17.1

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