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    kaleidiscope triangle
    kaleidiscope strip

    $18 for at
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    . . . talk about polishing a turd.
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    you do realize the Treo is a phone... right? Not a digital camera.... right?

    I really wish they offered a non-camera version at a reduced price.

    socomon hit the nail on the head.

    you'll have better results sinking the $18 into lottery tickets.
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    Sounds like you didn't read the review:

    "As for the quality of the photos with the lenses, the camera on the TH55 (the PDA used in this review) isn't that great to start with, so it's a little hard to say. From the pictures I took, the lenses didn't adversely affect the quality, so my assumption is that the lenses will create similar quality photos to the ones that your PDA/mobile phone currently produces. I'm sure that anyone buying these lenses would know that they're just for a bit of fun and not serious photo taking."

    Yes the Treo is a phone but yet we have people investing $150 into headphones and P-Tunes to listen to music from a $14 sound subsystem. If this practice isn't being questioned, how can we criticize $18 for a little bit of fun. And let's not even talk about ringtones and ringtone managers whose main function (See the "Inner Jack***" thread) seems to be annoying the people around the call recipient. There are many things about the Treo that don't have a professional or business use but make people happy. As the reviewer said:

    "I particularly liked the kaleidoscope lenses - it might be fun to play some tricks with them on my friends when they've had a little too much to drink!"
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    socomon hit the nail on the head.

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