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    ok, it seems that on 1.01 the pickup after call is pretty inconsistent. it seems that at times pTunes will have a short delay in resuming which will make it play in the headset as it should. at other times it will resume before the headset reconnects causing it to play through the rear speaker until you pause and unpause it. Either way it is MUCH better than 1.02.
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    I don't know about you but even with the wired headphone, the pTunes-resume-after-call has always been inconsistant.

    Usually if I let the other party hang up then usually, not always, pTunes will resume; if I hang up first then I can't get the resume. If the call is not incoming call, that is, I make the call myslef, I usually don't get the resume. This to me is a pTunes' problem.

    As long as I can GET calls when I am using pTunes/wireless bluetooth, then I am fine with or without the resume.
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    unfortunately, that is the problem. 1.02 will let you get calls in the headset but it causes numerous problems (as outlined in previous posts) but 1.01 WILL NOT allow you to answer calls in the headset (although you can pick them up on the treo. no perfect solution is really available yet.
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    ok, finding some interesting new things are happening if i pair as a carkit and then press the headset button (causing the bluetooth icon to invert) and THEN start SAG and connect it to the headset.

    so far, audio plays correctly and when a call is placed, the audio is paused and the headset connects to the call automatically (SWEET) unfortunately when you end the call, pressing the headset button brings up ptunes and a second press causes a soft reset (same with the power button on the treo). either way, closer still. i can feel it.

    edit: tested with 1.02 and 1.01

    edit: if i go to pocket tunes when the dialog pops up (dont play ptunes at this point or it will also reset) and then return to the call screen i can end the call without a reset. Once you have done this however, audio will not play through the headset until you soft reset and SAG goes into its internal/external funk

    edit: this also seems to cause a very loud noise at times when the headset connects to a call. to fix it you must disconnect the headset (using the touchscreen) and reconnect with the button
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    now if i try the same trick as a headset, the audio drops out before i can even get to the call screen and when i go back to SAG i find that audio has gone internal. switching to external gives me random errors. usually it says "unable to connect to headset" soft reset seems to be the only solution
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    so currently i would recommend sticking with 1.01, pairing as a carkit, and if you know you will need to take a call press the button before connecting but be prepared to soft reset after you hangup (usually the treo does this for you, how nice)
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    Lovedatreo - you have been great in trying to help us get all this figured out. It is appreciated greatly! My headset arrives tomorrow so I am trying to follow your suggestion in preperation.

    I have one of the earlier versions (1.00.299) and can't seem to find version 1.01 on Softick's site. I don't suppose anyone has a link to ver 1.01 do they?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    So does this Softick think allow voice dialing via bluetooth headset?
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    Hmmm... I thought A2DP is required for voice dialing via bluetooth headset. So this audio gateway is just an application that has A2DP stack built into it just for it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    Hmmm... I thought A2DP is required for voice dialing via bluetooth headset. So this audio gateway is just an application that has A2DP stack built into it just for it?
    unless i am wrong i think you are mistaken. A2DP is one way. the only thing that is needed for voice dialing via bluetooth is the normal headset profile. it is simply that the treo does not support using it for anything but phone calls.
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    The lack of voice recognition via BT is a limitation of the voice recognition software. Rumor has it that VoiceDial would support it if Palm changed 2 lines in their BT library code. I think I saw this somewhere on VoiceSignal web site.
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    Softick Audio Gateway works with my Audible to Bluetake 420 Headphones. I have not tried calling yet but the Bluetake Headphones were always difficult with this. I am using version 1.01.308 is there any advantage to version 1.02?
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    1.02 routes phone calls to the headset. But I (amd others here) are having trouble with losing the BT connection every few minutes with pTunes.

    I would like to share in your experiences with the BT420EX, SAG and handling voice calls.
    I have had trouble with voice calls as well, even before SAG.
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    For all those who are have problems with version 1.02, SAG support promises an update shortly.
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    Damn they really need to number this version 0.5 or something.
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    Bluetooth 1.1 support would be great.
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    Just received this from Softick support

    "Thank you for so much details, your help is appreciated!
    Fortunately, most of problems is known for us and we are going to release an updated version very soon. I can't promise that all problems will be fixed right in the next version, but something is better than nothing
    Currently we have a success with Treo calls handling and we have fixed audio breaking problems introduced by version 1.02. Now we are resolving other known issues."

    i said it once and i will say it again, GO SOFTICK!!!
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    Interesting observation: The readme file says that this product uses YAHM libraries. My Treo does not have YAHM (to my knowledge). The SAG install is just a prc file.

    Where is YAHM on my system?

    Also, to the best of our knowledge, if SAG is set to Internal, is is completely "out of the way", disabled, like it was never installed on my system?

    The reason I ask is that with SAG set to Internal and BT off, I had a reset (#*377 blaming "Bluetooth") on in incoming call. Happened just once.
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