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    Quote Originally Posted by tedcousens View Post
    I am curious to hear from others how softicks' 1.07beta is doing and I am going to the other thread- bluetooth stereo smackdown which is where this discussion shoud be...

    Actually I think this discussion should be in this forum and the other where it is.


    This is a software/program discussion and the "smackdown" thread is for hardware/BT Accessories.

    Just my opinion of course.

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    Got tired of waiting and emailed their customer support, got a ticket number, and here is the official response;

    "Thank you for your request.
    We are working hard to support 700p and have substantial progress.
    I hope new beta version of Audio Gateway will be available in near future - during 2-3 weeks.
    Please be patient. Sorry for any inconveniences."

    We'll see, but the response seems pretty canned. Hope the next one works. Really miss the app.
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    sounds like the same generic reply we got 2 months ago.
    hopefully they will get something functional soon. this going back a few versions doesnt cut it
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    hey, version 1.08 is out. anybody try it on a 700p yet???

    EDIT: IT WORKS! So stop crying, download & install, send those guys at softick some apology and thank you letters and rock on!
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    You go thanosied!. Spread the gospel.
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    Yep, it works great for 650, seems to be stable for 700p, but still no luck for 680.
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    No skips?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TPGolfer View Post
    Yep, it works great for 650, seems to be stable for 700p, but still no luck for 680.
    oh well!
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    They need to show the 680 some love.
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    You guys have to keep in mind that Softick has been working on making Audio Gateway compatible with the 700P for months now. The 680 was released only a month ago? Give them some time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GhengisEEK
    Any updates? I'm debating the HT820 as I want to make sure I don't BT pairing issues. I'm not so worried about switching on the fly between calls and music.

    You mentioned overclocking, I'm not currently do this... would say overclocking has made your experience successful? necesary.
    Sorry for the late response.
    I updated to the SAG 1.08 beta version. This is MUCH improved. No skipping at all that was originally attributed to the other versions of SAG. I am not one of the people who have suffered from P-Tunes skipping issues as nticed when I ran wired headphones. I still use the HT820's and they work good, also the sound quality is better with SAG 1.08. Both SAG and my P-Tunes are paid for registered versions. One bonus with SAG 1.08 is that the song forward/reverse buttons now work when they never did before. Another nice thing is that I hardly get crashes anymore whereas I would quite frequently with the older versions.

    FWIW, i use PXA clocker and have P-Tunes and SAG overclocked to 507 mhz while bluetooth is underclocked to 169 to try and preserve battery power. No noticable drawbacks to ndercloing BT as I have noticed. Range etc. all seem to be the same. Overclocking P-Tunes and SAG most definaeley improves the responsiveness of everything and what helps even further is turning off Keycaps, which I do not always do. Working in other programs while all this is running is no problem with these overclocked whereas there was noticable delay without.

    I have the Seido HC battery and with just P-tunes streaming wirelessly I have squeezed about 7 hours of near continuous play out of it.
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    When you overclock, do you notice any difference in SAG/pTunes themselves or just when playing in the background and working on other apps? Basically, is there any advantage to overclocking if I'm just using SAG with pTunes while working out?
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    There is a noticable difference if you are not doing anything in the background.
    You can see it just by using the interface of PTunes and it is far less likely, almost never now, to crash.

    As far as reducing any skipping issues, I have not noticed any difference in that dept.

    Turning off KeyCaps helps too though I do not always do it.
    fwiw, I also have KeyCaps overclocked to 507 but am unable to make a before and after comparison with it.
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    so does this overclocking drain the battery any faster? Just streaming pocket tunes seems to drain 1 percent per minute! i got a high capacity battery off of ebay (2400 mAh) but maybe it was a scam & not really high capacity at all! What else can you underclock to save battery & what else can you overclock to speed up treo? the dang thing is too slow over all!
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    Are you using a 680?
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    who me? I have a 700p
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    1.09 beta now out. Get it at

    Haven't tried it myself as version 1.08 (build 899) is working fine from ROM at present (T650 GSM & Samsung SBH-100).
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    So will someone with a 700P and the new version please give a report, including what headsets work with it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    So will someone with a 700P and the new version please give a report, including what headsets work with it?
    Go here

    and look at the threads covering 700p. It seems to be working with a few headsets.
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