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    I just bought the wife a new 650 and the Blinking Green Light turns red/Amber . I can do a soft reset and it goes Green again but after about 3-4 hours it turns Red/Amber (solid/not blinking) again. My 650 only goes red if it is roaming and it will give a Roaming indicator on the screen hers has not. I have had them side by side both show great signal strenght , mine will be green hers solid Red/Amber. Sprint has no clue Duh!! Any body have any Ideas
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    Hmmm... Have never heard of this. What hardware revision is this Treo 650? Might be a new feature?
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    I dunno. Is Butler installed on her Treo? Because that's probably the best way of controlling the LED. Maybe hers is just set differently than yours. Is it charging while this is happening?
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    Solid amber : Active application is on in the background, but the screen is off. Remember, background applications draw some power; if left unattended, any process can run down your battery.

    Verizon Wireless note: Solid amber indicates you are on an active data call, whether the screen is on or off.

    Try a hard reset ans see if this happens. If it doesn't then it is a software that is causing this. Install one at a time to identify the culprit.
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    Please list the software you have loaded. Sounds like something is logging on either to update or check for updates.
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    It stays Amber charging as well but it goes amber before being plugged up.
    It has the standard software that came with it plus Adobe Reader, Agendus trial, PktQuicken 2.5, Splash ID, Treo Alert. No Butler

    Thanks for the Help
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    It's the Treo Alert 600 program I was trying to use.
    I hope I can find a version that will work on the 650.
    thanks for all the help

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