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    I received a message in Resco Backup that said psysLaunchDB is corrupted...also, my shim logs were skipped. Can anyone tell me what this means? All I know is that for the past couple of weeks I've been getting far too many resets and I'm wondering if this could be the source of my problem.
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    Do a Backup, make a copy of Backup folder in C:/Program Files/Palmone/<USERNAME>/Backup.

    Then delet all the files out of the Backup another sync. This will remove all 3rd party ap from palm, then re install one by one until you get the DB error again. Once you get the error, then assume the last program installed or that program combined with another previously installed app is the culprit.

    Don't have Resco Exp Full yet but how do you find the program to be?
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    I don't have explorer, only the backup far so good. I also think BackupMan is good.

    Thanks for your response and help.
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    9thfloormaniac - What have you done so far to eliminate the problem?

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