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    Hello All,

    As you all know I've been thinking about ROM Customization and Upgades
    ever since I got my Treo 650 and I've been searching for a FAQ on that
    topic. But a different Idea occured to me. I'll would just note down all the
    questions that pop-up and try to collect answers to them before going on to
    actually doing the job.

    So newbies could - presumably - read this and prepare themselves with the
    jargon and information before reading more detailed forum posts on these

    Here I've just collected the questions. Some of them may be so obvious a
    seasoned pro, but to a newbie it would be confusing as hell...

    I plan to collect answers from the web and put all the information in one
    place... Of-course, I'm hoping you all find all of this worthwhile and contribute
    to making this a factual document... otherwise, I can just ditch it and move-

    I've started collecting and incorporating the answers, but I thought I
    should get some feedback from you all before proceeding.

    What do you people think? Will it be useful? How about a wikipedia or

    - mvk

    Now the FAQ...

    ROM Customization and Upgrades for the Beginner

    There are thousands of posts on the topic of ROM Customizations and
    Upgrades on several forums and what follows is the collective wisdom all
    the kind folk helping each other out on the Wild World Wide Web (WWWW).

    - Will it void my warranty?

    YES. Don't listen to anything else you hear.

    - I don't want to read all this crap, I want my "procedure"?

    Sorry, there isn't one.

    - What is ROM Customization?

    - What is ROM Upgrade?

    - How are Customization and Upgrade related to each other?

    - Why should I do (or not do) ROM Customization and Upgrading?

    - Is this whole ROM Customization and Upgrade for me?

    - What is Unlocking?

    - What is a "SIM Lock"?

    - What is a "Subsidy Lock"?

    - How do I unlock my phone?

    By asking for the unlock code from your service provider. Or by purchasing
    the unlocking code online (~ 20 USD).

    - Will resetting relock my phone?


    - Will a ROM Customization and Upgrade relock my phone?


    - I got this unlock code from the net, should I try it on my phone?

    No. Not unless you are very lucky. You will re-lock the phone (DAMHIKI).
    Each unlock code is specific to a particular phone only.

    - What is Unbranding?

    - How are Unlocking and Unbranding related to each other?

    If you understood the explanations above, you'll know that they are NOT.

    - What is "ROM", "RAM", whatever?

    - What is "Firmware"?

    - What is a "Boot Loader"?

    - How do ROM, firmware and boot loader work together?

    - Again, what is "resetting"?

    - When should I reset my phone? What type of reset should I use?

    - What is "bricking"?

    "Bricking" is a process of making your phone unusable while doing the ROM
    Customization and Upgrade.

    - How do I make a "brick"?

    By not being careful. And by not have complete information and knowledge
    on this whole ROM Customization and Upgrade thingy. And by also not
    knowing before hand what the expected problems are and how to recover
    from them.

    - Ok, I've made a "brick", now how do I "un-brick" it?

    - What are all those numbers? (1.71, 1.28, 1.04...)

    - What are all those three letter things? (ROW, ROM, ENA, APR...)

    Firstly, "ROM" does not belong in the above list...

    - Will ROM Customizations and Upgrade unlock my currently locked phone?

    - Will unbranding unlock my phone?

    - What are the dangers in ROM Customization and Upgrading?

    - Ok, I'm interested, where do I start?

    - I have a Cingular blah, blah, blah...?

    Doesn't matter what you have. It is really a matter of what you want.

    - What are the procedures I must know before I start?

    - Are programming skills necessary for this?

    - What mistakes have been made by others that I should watch out for?

    - What problems are recoverable?

    - What problems are not-recoverable?

    - What hardware should I have before proceeding?

    - What software should I have before proceeding?

    - What is the success rate in doing ROM Customization and Upgarde?

    - I'm getting errors, but not the ones reported by the "other" guy in his posting!

    - What are the things I must NEVER do while doing the ROM Customization
    and Upgrade?

    - When should I panic and say good-bye to 600 USD?

    Never. Unless you physically damage or destroy your phone.

    - Any other advice?

    Before doing anything, mentally rehearse your actions and the steps you will
    need to take when things do not go as expected. What are the emergency
    situations that may require you to act fast? Which errors and behaviour(s)
    are recoverable and which of them are serious?

    Yeah, don't do it while you are drunk.

    Good luck!
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    The custom rom wiki at already has many of the anwsers posted fyi:
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    It just occured to me, why not turn this into a *real* FAQ (i.e. only
    questions) to ask yourself and find answers by researching the web
    and other sources?

    A QtAY (Questions to Ask Yourselves), if you please.

    - mvk
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    Why don't we just nix the list of questions and those of us interested in ROM customization do what we all do...seardch the net for know the plug and chug way...

    The list of questions is like getting the phone number of a booty call...why have it around as proof for your GF to find? Pointless.
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    Given the rather cold reception to my GREAT BIG IDEA, I think
    I'll just ditch the whole thing and concentrate on ROM upgrades
    for my Treo.

    - mvk
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    If I were you, I would not let other users discourage your idea. It is a great idea. Even if the other users does not contribute, continue your updates. I will see if I can add any to your thread. You can update your first post accordingly.

    You can start with these two threads:

    Custom ROM by a dummy 4 dummies

    ROM update tool

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