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    I just realised the "failed to modify" errors were for the calendar, not VersaMail.

    Still - it took forever. What is VersaMail doing when it syncs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamessner
    JackNaylorPE - So how do I free up this space? Is that what was making it slow? I just checked, and MultiMail is down to 683 k now. My available memory in the first two categories has almost doubled. What fixed it?
    1. Well it is a good idea to delete e-mails off your incoming server now and then. Move the to a saved e-mails folder or something.

    2. Delete all the e-mails off ya treo and soft reset.

    3. After the soft reset use memoinfo to clear and compact memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamessner
    What is VersaMail doing when it syncs?
    Nothing on my 650....check your HotSync conduits and see what it says.

    Look in your Options / Preferences / AutoSync and see if you have autosyc checked.
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    Thanks for all the help. I just wasn't happy with VersaMail and I'm going to stick to Chatter, which is working exactly as I want it to.

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    After upgrading to 1.20 Versamail has not worked for me with multiple email accounts. The issue that I ran into was that only the first email account that I setup would autosync... the other accounts would not autosync... I tried to delete the versamail databases as suggested by Palm Support and resetup the accounts but it still did not fix the issue...

    Switched over to Chatter and all is well...

    650 GSM Unlocked
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