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    I posted this in another thread, but I figured it probably deserved more mention in a separate thread of it's own...

    This will let you use a subset of your keyboard for games.
    for now, no config screen, just the map i made, anyways most good games can read keys and use them

    tested on LJP


    right now hard keys+5-way nav have same codes as before.

    also mapped as hard keys are first 2 rows of keyboard + side rocker+side button+home button+menu button

    LJP works. most condifurable games will too.

    why just those keys and not all?

    because there is a limit to 32 total keys mapped at once.

    anyways downlaod is here:


    tell me how it goes.

    Dedicated to y'all.
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    Dimitry of UDMH fame and etc wrote this cool little app to create more keys for use with emus'liek LJZ etc. I haven't tried it myself, but would like to hear more user responses!
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    This doesnt seem to work with SNES on LJP. Tried several games and cannot get the 2 rows to work or be recognized. I hotsynced this file my Treo. Unless I'm supposed to do it another way. Oh well.
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    about to try wow wow this better work, i want to play my snes games with needed buttons bad

    EDIT: yeah not working, do i go to config and change the buttons like I would regularly? buttons still dont apply like before. what does he mean by no config screen just the map i made? does the prc need to be put on the memory card? AHH SO CONFUSED BUT NEED THIS SO BAD
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    I think it's only meant for certain games like zDOOMz etc. that is on his site. I've also read that Crimsonfire has an option to use a Sony controllers. this would be nice on LJP.

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