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    According to the VoiceSignal wesite this software is available for us Treodites. I know a few TC'ers were beta testing it and word was it would be out in February.

    The original feature list seems to have been edited to include application launching:

    Operator: Sprint, Verizon, Cingular

    VSuite™ 2.0 - One-Step Speaker Independent Commands

    * One-Step Name Dialing
    * One-Step Digit Dialing
    * Voice-Activated Application Launch
    * Message Addressing
    * Audio and Visual Prompts
    * Text-to-Speech Output

    * User Customization
    o Expert User Mode
    o Recognition Sensitivity
    o Audio Level Adjustment

    It's available for other phones since last month

    So anyone have any idea where it is ? Or was someone @ VS a bit anxious with the web site editing ?
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    When I was testing it out a month ago or so, I found that the volume in v2 was so low that it was difficult to use. Other than that, it works great. I'm assuming they are working on the volume issue on the Treo, but don't know for sure.
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    Just got my hands on beta 3. Did you adjust the volume in settings ?

    To me the volume level of the voice prompts is the same as with the version that comes on the Treo CNG CD (14 day trial) . GoTreo Jeff is working on getting VolumeCare to raise the command prompts tho.
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    Whose got a link, I want to try.
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    Same Here. I already have the original VoiceDial.

    Does the new one allow for Bluetooth headsets to initiate commands???????
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    Why no speech-to-text? Being able to type an SMS or email by speaking would be really handy sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdlissner
    Does the new one allow for Bluetooth headsets to initiate commands???????
    My TWH is out in the car and it's too cold out to rouse my lazy arse off the couch on my rest day . By considering the Treo's limitations, I don't think 2.0 will be any different than 1.1 with respect to BT functionality. I am loving using it with Sharklinks tho.

    I have a proclip mount holding the Treo in a GPS cradle just 2-3" to the right at 3:00 on my steering's actually more convenient to touch the side button on the treo moving my hand 2" than to move my hand up to my ear to use the TWH. Hey, ahve enough trouble trying to remember what button on the TWH raises and which one lowers the volume.....the laws of statistics would dictate I'd be right 50% of the time but I am always 100% wrong.....which is my wife's opinion anyway so I shoudn't complain I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    The last of the 5 tabs doesn't match the Treo verison. Since the Treo offers one more means of communication that isn't shown on any of the tabs, I' think you can gues swhat it is
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    I just got the Beta 3. I just sent an email requesting it to their support email.

    It may have helped that I am a registered user of the version 1.1.

    Interface is pretty much the same with more features.


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    Wow. I wanna beta test it too. Can somebody send me that software?
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    Unless you already have a registered copy of the VoiceSignal software you can't use the beta. I also imagine VoiceSignal does not want the beta freely distributed at this point.
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    If you are a registered user try sending their something to their support email address and you may get included.


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    Here's my conclusion on all these voice control apps...............

    I personally only use the voice thing when driving and if i'm driving I don't need to be reading e-mails or sending texts so badly that I need a app to bring up that program.

    With being able to assign keys as a shortcut to almost any app the voice all thing is not really necessary. IMO It's overkill to make a buck.
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    I agree use being able to read an e-mail via voice if you can't respond cause you have to pay atention to not annihilating familes with your car. I do find useful being able to pull up a ferry schedule, hotel directiosn web site or something like that tho.

    I can see sitting in a coffee shop and having 12 people around me talking (in loud voices of course out of habit) talking to their PDA's "because they can" when a 5 way nav or tap would do the same thing just as fast. Or worse being on a flight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    I can see sitting in a coffee shop and having 12 people around me talking (in loud voices of course out of habit) talking to their PDA's "because they can" when a 5 way nav or tap would do the same thing just as fast. Or worse being on a flight.
    It sounds like you're describing 6700 users. That thing is terrible to use one-handed so everyone buys Voice Command and is forced to talk at their phone.
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    If you look at the 2000 US census, you can see that 150 Million people spend on average the equivalent of 5 full work weeks a year commuting. I'd say that voice command is useful.

    I'm not saying that voice as a user interface is the end all be all of user interface. It is another tool to put in the tool box. Some things are definitely better done with GUI, but speech interface has it's advantages in some situations. I guess there will always be old dogs......
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    I think you missed where we were going with this. Voice dialing as oppossed to voice command, certainly is useful to initiate something (i.e phone call) that you can finish w/o using your hands. I also use voice commands to bring travel schedules and directions on screen for example using sharklinks while driving. Other uses could include perhaps voice loading a traffic radio station or weather that streams over the net.

    But of what use, while driving, is being able to use voice commands to open programs that I can't use w/o my eyes and hands ? If it is against the law to drive with a cell phone in your hand, they gonna really slam ya for a PDA.

    Why open my e-mail program via my voice ? It can't read my e-mails to me, it can't scroll, it can't take speech-to-text answers. Or what can I do after opening Docs2Go ? I am gonna have nightmares tonight thinking about some guy editing a spreadsheet while driving behind me down the LIE.

    Now when the tme comes that I can add IBM's ViaVoice to the Treo, I am in like Flint but until then voice command has very limited usage while commuting.

    And let's not forget that a sizeable portion of those 150 million are using public transportation an the last thing I wanna be sitting with is 5 treo owners yelling over the background noise to "open versamail".
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    I have many applications. Hard keys already assigned to some, but not all. I don't like thumbing through all of them to find what I'm looking for if it doesn't have a hotkey or favorites button. Plus my boss doesn't like to see me playing with it.

    Or maybe I'm driving and want to take a quick snapshot of something outside, an act I can do without taking my eyes of the road or both hands off the wheel. It would be nice to pull up the Camera if it also doesn't have a hard key.

    Plus I just like cool crap.

    If anyone knows where I can find this app, I'm ready to pay. Thanks....
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    Voice Dial 1.1 is available here:

    It dials peeps when you hit side button and say "Call Jordan Knox on Mobile"

    Version 2.0, now named VSuite will be out any day now....if you just bought version 1.1, I imagine you will get free upgrade for 30-60 days. Registered users can request access to the beta for VSuite.

    Vsuite will also let you initiate an SMS, e-mail, lookup a contact or open a program. Of couse you can not dictate the SMS, email or whatever.
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