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    I read the instructions in other threads to get reverse DUN working but i'm still having problems. I'm using a wirless card on my desktop which i Shared just as the instructions stated. When i installed my Bluetooth it installed this other network connection for Bluetooth PAN NEtwork Adapter. What I don't understand is in my bluetooth program there are two services called "Personal Area Networking Service" and "LAN AccesS". Do i need these two enabled? and if so under PAN there is an option to "Setup bluetoothPersonal Area Netowrk" and a check box for "Enable by DHCP"
    and also anotehr option saying "Access Internet" and i can choose my wirlesscard for the internet from there.

    And from my treo i made a connection to Connect To Local Netowrk using bluetooth. But it says Signing on, but then my bluetooth program says that the devices disconencted. Then it connects again then disconnects. Any one know why?

    Thank you

    oh and one last note, the IP of my PAN, is it supposed to be in the same subnet and my home IP range? my home ip range is 192.168.2.x

    so should i change the PAN one to static and give it one in my range?
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    Renegade, can you provide a link to those instructions? I'm thinking of setting this up as well, however, when i open network task manager i see that my bluetooth connection is only 1Mbps, wich is not going to be that much faster than my EDVO. Perhaps its not even worth it.
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    I used this page and had mine working in a few minutes.
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    Hi all guys...

    Got Reverse DUN working on my mobile... can't figure out how or if it will work again...
    Thanks for the help all you people on this forum have given me.

    Next stop... ROM upgrade...

    - mvk

    Cingular Treo 650, Unlocked with code purchased from the web.
    Shadowmite's patch NOT installed, that's not for Reverse DUN anyway!
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    As it can connect to a LAN via BT, it should be able to connect to another cell phone as well.

    Has anyone done that with a BT cell phone such as Samsung A940 etc?

    The point is to get EVDO speed with Treo 650 now:

    1) While we are waiting for the 700P.
    2) We don't know yet whether will we be able to use grandfathered Vision with 700P, but we know with A940 etc. we can.
    3) A940 is much cheaper ($230), but we need to carry two devices though.

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