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    Ive pretty much given up on Syncing with Outlook. ive read everything thread here and all the info on Palm's site.

    so Pocket Copy from will move all my Contacts, etc from Palm Desktop to Outlook. It costs $20 tho, i dont want to pay $20 to do something so simple that my Treo should be able to do.

    So my options are to find a free App that does the same as Pocket Copy, or export each contact as a Vcard one by one and import them to Outlook, i have a lot of contacts and id rather not to this.
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    Why not sync with your palm calendar then sync with outlook? This will move everything from your palm database to outlook? As long as you have the free outlook conduit included on your CD your in business.

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    You could also trial switchsync which lets you sync both your palm desktop and outlook...
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