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    Can anybody suggest a good car mount for the treo 650? I have the following criteria in mind in order of importance:

    1. Safety. I am not so sure about car mounts that only clamps the treo. The treo might be ejected during a collision or when the driver breaks hard.

    2. Universal mounting. I should be able to mount it either on the windscreen or on the AC vent of the car.

    3. I should still be able to put an earphone jack to the treo and still be able to charge it while it's mounted.
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    I dunno about number two, but checkout
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    What Mark said, the only way to go.
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    Yeah what they said...................
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    Well one thing I would think about before spending all that moola is avoiding putting those things in a drawer some day cause they are obsolete. If you are gonna spend $100 or so on all this stuff, might think about spending $150 and getting a cradle with na built in GPS.

    This bugger for example comes with GPS, cradle, car charger, vent mount, windshield mount, universal mounting plate, and the GPS software.

    Save a $100 if you already have GPS software

    Compare all the different models here.

    There's other non GPS mounts on the site or ones where you can add the GPS later as a separate wired or BT option.

    However, for sturdy mounting, you will want to use the universal mounting plate in the Seidio kit to connect to a vehicle specific mount from Just plug in your vehicle make, model and year into the selector and it will pop out options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    I dunno about number two, but checkout
    Thanks, but I am not so sure about proclip because it is car model specific.

    I am looking for a unit like to address my safety criterion. Notice the claw like feature of that holder which I believe can hold the treo in case of sudden braking or collisions. However, I don't think has a windshield suction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    This what I am looking for! Thanks! But it seems to be not available in the UK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muttdaemon
    This what I am looking for! Thanks! But it seems to be not available in the UK.
    Wha happen ? They kick you ouuta Europe

    Also look here:

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