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    i have been using mRing but since i didnt want to buy it it expired on me.

    is there a free program that lets you use mp3 ringtone?
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    Did mRing work well for you, not causing lockups or resets? If so, then don't be so cheap and buy it. Every other for-pay ringer s/w is loaded with bugs and you're sure to NOT find a free one that works. Just my $0.02.
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    Don't listen to him...

    Although I do agree about paying for software you enjoy and work well...

    PhoneTechnitian is free and plays mp3 ringtones. Its also solid as a rock.
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    I don't think phontechnician is free...
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    Phone Technician isn't free. I've found it for 9.95. They have a free trial, just like mRing. Maybe you have an old version?

    (Maybe Gasmeister *did* have a good point)

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