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    I am having some problems with my Verizon treo data. I cant find any references of theese problems with the search feature, although any search for Verizon data activity or another varient is pretty vague huh.

    I am running chattermail in push mode so i have to keep the data connection active, the only problem is that the phone connects (arrows turn green LED comes on) every minute or so and it is draining my battery and more importatly forcing most of my calls to voicemail.

    I sent marc a log and he said that chatter is only connecting every 8-9 minutes, and i can back this up because it will still connect even with chatter shutdown.

    1. what would becausing the phone with no programs runing to connect so frequently?

    2. is there a program that will track the data connections? referably that will keep a log of what programs are connecting and for how long?
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    I think I may be having the same issue with my Verizon Treo and Chatter. I'm not sure how often it's connecting, but it always seems like it is going through the "connecting..." popups. I just installed Chatter, and I thought maybe Wireless Sync was still trying to connect. I turned it off, but it's still happening.
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    "more importatly forcing most of my calls to voicemail."

    Is this specific to your network? Are you on a 1x network or something similar? I was under the impression that GPRS networks would interrupt the data service when an incoming phone call arrived.

    Is this incorrect?
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    I think this might have answered my question.

    - CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) voice signal
    - 1xRTT (single carrier (1x) radio transmission technology) data signal
    - Digital signal at 800MHz (digital roam) and 1900MHz (Sprint native. Vision data service only operates on the 1900MHz signal.)
    - Sprint operates in the U.S. only. (Some international roaming agreements are in place...IF you go to a country that offers CDMA...those are far fewer than for GSM.)
    - Phone device, itself, must be provisioned for use on the carrier's network.
    - Faster individual file download speed (latency with web page access on smaller pages makes the difference in speed negligable when compared to GPRS in some cases.) Large file downloads are definately faster than GPRS.
    - SMS text messaging has been added to service (It was a kludge through a web page prior to Sprint's new service rollout.)
    - Voice calls will go to voicemail without notification if an active data transfer is in progress. (This may change as Sprint fully integrates SMS, but I have yet to see a change.) It's inherant to the CDMA standard.
    - Plans offer unlimited data for additonal $15 a month (some "grandfathered" users have it for $10/month.)

    T-Mobile and other GSM providers:
    - GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) voice signal
    - GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) data signal
    - Digital signal at 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz
    - Operates world-wide
    - Utilizes a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) chip which is provisioned for the carrier and can be swapped between GSM-capable phones. Allows a customer to swap phones without swapping service (assuming that the carrier didn't electronically "lock" the chip to their particular service), or to swap service and keep the same phone simply by swapping the chip.
    - SMS is integrated and part of all carriers' service (operates across all GSM carriers transparently)
    - Voice calls will ring through while an active data transfer is in progress (depending on carrier implementation). Data transfer will be suspended while talking and resume once call is ended (GSM Class B device implementation. No Class A devices are supported on current U.S. networks. Class A provides for simultaneous voice and data transfer.)
    - T-Mobile offers an unlimited data plan for $20 a month. Other carriers offer unlimited plans, but they are much more expensive (some as high as $80 a month.) or they will offer smaller chunks of data (10MB for example) with a per kilobyte charge after you have exceeded the plan's included data transfer amount.
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    well I bit the bullet and did hard reset. Now i have nothing loaded, never hotsynced or used blazer. went to prefs-->network and hit connect. and my phones data connection is still going active every 1-2 minutes. if no programs are running why does it need to connect so often.

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