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    Does anyone know if the minutes used with PDAnet count as phone minutes or does it get included in the unlimited Data plan?
    I am considering buying this program for my laptop use on the road, and want to make sure I don't run up a HUGE phone bill!
    Thank you!
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    Not sure with Verizon but Iíve been using pdanet for some time now with sprints unlimited web access and it works great, no minutes used. I believe Verizon works the same way with their unlimited data plan but youíll need to ask the Verizon usesers of this group. Good luck!

    PS. Welcome to Treocentral

    Best Regards
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    I use it all the time with Verizon and have never been charged calling minutes, it is data so is included with the unlimited plan. Best program I ever bought.
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    Better to stay quiet on these subjects... you know the parable about sleeping dogs?
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    Thanks all!
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    Very true..........keep the dogs sleeping....shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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