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    The past few days, when I sync my Y! Mail client, I am asked if I want to download an updated client. Every time I try to accept, the download fails. Is there a new client out there? Thanks.
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    There's a new version in beta and it is very slow.
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    Yahoo! Push stopped working for me over a month ago. I sent Yahoo an e-mail and they sent me a response saying I needed their pay e-mail package with pop3 access to use it with the phone. I have Yahoo! being charged to my Sprint bill at $3 a month, Sprint told me that there is a national trouble ticket and no eta on a resolution.
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    LOL they actually got some set as there charging $3 for the app and then charging each e-mail as a SMS.
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    And it doesn't even work, the only reason I'm not pissed is because I get unlimited vision purchases on my 3rd pty plan.

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