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    I was gonna share some mp3's with a friend and thought I could email them, Too big.

    What is the best way to share mp3's?

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    if he's local, card reader?
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    Long distance --
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    If you gonna e-mail one or two at a time, e-mail works....depoends on what your ISP and his ISP allows as an attachment size.

    More than that snail mail a CD
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    Just use you PC and use AIM. Sign on and make a direct connection and transfer that way.

    On th Treo, i would try to transfer via verichat using the file transfer feature, but this would be torturous and long process...
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    buy an external USB 150GB drive and fedex it filled with music for $6.00
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    From Kim Kommando' site
    Today's Cool Site...
    Move big files

    Broadband has made it possible to do so much on the Internet. You can download music and movies.

    But it is still a hassle to send large files to people. I was reminded of this last week. I sent a large audio clip to a radio station. But wouldn't you know it the CD was lost in the mail.

    So I had to scramble to send the file electronically. Of course, I couldn't clog the recipient's inbox with a huge file. So I went to Mail Big File.

    I uploaded my file in a couple of clicks. The radio station received an e-mail with a link to the file. It was just so easy! And, Mail Big File accepts files up to one gigabyte in size. I think you'll be as impressed as me.

    Internet Service Providers claim that large sites such as Google are getting a free ride. So they want to charge these sites for transferring data. Tune in to my Kim Komando Computer Minute tomorrow to learn how this affects you. To find a station near you that airs my Minute, use the map on my site.


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    If you have access to FTP software set one up, they are a Godsend.

    I have well over 10K MP3s and most of these are due to this or that friend having FTP's
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    If mailbigfile doesn't work out for you, try They give you 30 megs free. Same concept. You upload your files and then send an email to your friend with a linkback to the file so he/she can download.

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