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    I have snapper to store new messages in card. I've had this setup for almost a year so I just assumed it works. What I don't get is when I check my memory with Filez with or without the card, Snappermail size is the same either way. So what does it really store in the card? If I open up Snapper and remove the card then inbox count goes down. So it's storing something.
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    Make sure you check the folder settings for all folders, I noticed that snapper only did the top level folders on mine and I had tap all the subfolders and assign them to the card too. When I did this I noticed a nearly 1mb difference the next day when it cleaned it self up at night. It still creates a bunch of files though some have some substance in them too /shrugs.

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    Thanks for the tip. Will try that. This is what I get for reading the damn manual. Shoulda just went to my trusted lol

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