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    Marc can you tell me why I might be getting duplicate e-mails, it's not duplicate on the server. it's a IMAP account.
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    What version of Chatter? Do they go away with a reset?

  3.    #3 Am still in trial, waiting from that contact you gave me to respond.

    Weird after I deleted one of the e-mails it got rid of all the duplicates.
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    Please send me email ( and remind me what I was supposed to do (kind of going crazy this week).

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    Marc you gave the info already, am waiting on them not you.

    But the duplicate e-mail is getting annoying, it only goes away if I delete one of them. This is on a IMAP account

    Also on another account which is POP can you please tell me EXACTLY where this delete from Treo only option is on the menu, I do not see it anywhere.

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    Can you send me a log re: duplicates? It sounds like a setup issue. Logging instructions are in the FAQ at; just do a log that includes one sync.

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    Marc -

    Same issue here. I just started getting duplicate emails from the IMAP account. THe wierd thing is, when I delete one - they BOTH delete. When I check the Fastmail account, only one email is sitting there. I'll send a log.
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    Fixed - by a soft reset.
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    Hi Marc,

    Had the same issue here w/ duplicates in the root mailbox. Did a soft reset, which cleared all but 5 emails in the mailbox. The dropped messages did resync from the server, but the 5 messages that remained have an incorrect timestamp, so they're not in sequence. This is on Exchange 2k3 server. Prolly have 20 other mailboxes registered, only 3 online. Since its root, I can't just delete & re-add that one. Is there a way I can trigger the mailbox to flush & resync?
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    "reload" at the Console.

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    Fixed. Great! Thanx.

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