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    after I view it on Onlook.

    I can read a new email on my Treo, but when i get back to the office and view it on my Microsoft Outllook, the email gets deleted off my Chatter. Is there a preference I can change?

    I have Chatter set up for my Yahoo acct, and that doesnt' happen.

    Please advise, thanks.
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    If it's deleted in Chatter, then it's being deleted off the server. So either Outlook is doing that, or the server does it.

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    Anyway to find out if it's Outlook or the server? I just did a test, and it appears the last 2 emails received are still on Chatter. Hopefully, it was just a random act of weirdness. I had just set up my work email on Chatter today.
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    I don't know how you'd know that; there are probably settings in Outlook you can check (leave on server, etc.)

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    And along the same lines, emails that i check on Outlook first, don't appear on my Treo.
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    Sounds like Outlook is causing them to be deleted.


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