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    I am geting ready to renew our family plan on Cingular and picking up a 650. I'm looking for lowest price on the 650. Can someone point me towards whoever is currently offering the best deal?

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    If you are renewing the plan, your best deal will be to get one from Cingular.

    They may tell you it is only for new customers, but if you tell them you will be cancelling your account, they can pass you to the retention department. They are usually pretty willing to cut a deal.

    Right now they have a new 650 for $299. On occasion, they list refurbs at $139. Either way, this will be the best deal you could get.
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    I got a Treo 650 last week from Sprint for $150 and no rebates. I printed out a page from ( ) that shows it for $150 and they pricematched it. The first store wouldn't pricematch it but the second store I went to would, so your mileage may vary. Cingular might do the same for you.
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    Whoa. Sprint actually price matched it?

    That is awesome.

    I should have done that instead of paying $315.00 for one that was used.
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    Amazon has them for $199. Personally I would walk into a local "all carriers" store and see what they can finagle. Generally you will do much better than a Cingular store or on line rep. If contract over , simple enough to cancel and start up new plan. But then you lsoe your number. When I got my 659, I added myself to an existing family plan that had 3 phones, put myself as the new "main number" to get above the $39 servcie plan eligibility point . Evcen tho plan wa sonly 2 months old they gave me no trouble.

    You could also add the Treo to a new number on the family plan, again switching it to the main billing number, and then swap sims to keep ya new number.

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