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    Anyone try hotsyncing with their desktop via a USB bluetooth dongle? If so where did you buy the usb dongle. I'm thinking of buying one but I only see them on eBay from Hong Kong or England. I want to know it works first.
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    Aside from being slow, it works fine. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I just bought one of those hong kong deals, but it shipped from the US. I bought the one with the USB extender and little antenna because it was supposed to have a 100M range. The sync works fine and I don't find it that incredibly slow. My only Bit*ch is that the range is nowhere near 100ft even. I live in a tri-level typical suburban home and if I leave the room that the base computer is in, it stops connecting.

    The only reason I bought one of the Ebay ones is that I have some cash in my Paypal account I was trying to burn through. If I had it to do over again I would buy one from Circuit city with a brand name. I only paid about $20 for mine so it isn't worth trying to return it. I may take it to my office to sync with my PC there and get a better one for my home so I can try the reverse DUN for email and web browsing.

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    USB Bluetooth? CompUSA or Best Buy; I'd imagine anything along those lines like Fry's, etc would have it as well. It does indeed work, as mentioned, slightly on the slow side.
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    I take the sd card out before sycning to speed things up... Then I just do a bt file transfer to get the few spreadsheets I need from my card on to my pc... And of course I use my card reader for the big files like movies & mp3s
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    Can anybody post the models of BT Dongles that successfully for Hotsync?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkwim
    Can anybody post the models of BT Dongles that successfully for Hotsync?
    pretty much all dongles should be usable for hotsyncing. it would be interesting to know which bt dongles dont work with the treo for hotsyncing and file transfer.

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