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    Root of the SD card should have the following directories:

    Right? NP @ Handholding, everyone has to start somewhere.
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    I got it. Flashing now! Done. I thought this was going to take a while. It took a few seconds. It says hard reset the device now. I'm done. Thank you very much.
    Mike G

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    I do have the right settings for GMail, SSL and all. The only thing I had to add manually were the server port numbers for GMail (995 for incoming POP and 465 for outgoing SMTP). Everything else was correct. What problem are you having with the ""__MMServers_SPCS.cpdb" file I attached?
    The servers file that you attached didn't work at all. All I got was the default server list. I only get the large server list when I use the unmodified CWDY file.
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    I thought you guys might like to know that you also will want to copy over the additional files:


    In addition to all the files in the first post. Versamail uses these too.

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    could anyone please repost the custom ROM files to update the 650 to versamail 3.1F? The links in this thread do not seem to be working anymore. Many thanks in advance. Look very forward to updating my Treo with this custom ROM.
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    Does the custom ROM described in post#84 include FAT32 support?

    Is an additional step required to tell the PalmOS that the ROM partition is small (to increase available resources), or is this functionality included?
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    Is this still a viable update? Links?
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    Hi all,
    I just found this thread but seem to haave missed the download links....

    Would anyone mind uploading the roms in post 84 OR updated versions somewhere for me?

    Anywhere else I could find custom roms?

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    Anyone know where I can get the Versmail 3.1f files or a copy of the above ROMs?

    I built a ROM and now I want to up update Versamail.....


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